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Project Lighting Specialists 
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Energy Management:

eCO2 Solutions provides innovative and professional energy management solutions specialising in:
Body Corporate and Strata Management
Hotels and Resorts
Commercial sites and Industrial sites
Shopping Centres

eCO2 Solutions is acutely aware of the ever increasing cost of energy and is continually developing cost effective alternatives in sustainability and energy reduction.

When approaching energy management initiatives it is critically important to consider factors that are unique to each site and apply design criteria accordingly. This involves conducting site assessments to determine what energy savings initiatives are the most suitable for the site.

Project Lighting:

Light is symbolic in many ways..... the dawning of a new day, spiritual or heavenly, an idea, growth and new life.
At eCO2 Solutions we treat the design and creation of our lights no differently. Each design has purpose and style that will leave a lasting impression.

eCO2 Solutions specialises in project lighting by leading the way in product design, product application and product sourcing.