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There are many different systems, products and technologies available to help in energy mangement and energy reduction. Some, if not all will deliver considerable ROI's. eCO2 Solutions can evaluate,identify, supply and install these systems to make energy reduction simple.

Carpark Emission Control Systems
Areas such as underground carparks require systems that monitor hazardous gas concentrations such as Carbon Monoxide and control the ventilation fans to provide the necessary air flow for a safe environment. Although these systems are necessary they can be inefficient with energy consumption. Carpark Emissions Control System can provide a safe environment without the extra operational costs by monitoring gas levels and regulating airflow according to vehicle movement. Typical savings of approx 15% - 30% can be achieved.

Intelligent Monitoring and Control Systems
Industrial and Commercial sites can benefit greatly from intelligent monitoring and control systems. eCO2 Solutions can design and install an Intelligent Monitoring and Control System to suit any specific energy management need and application. Whether that be for a particular piece of equipment or site-wide energy management control Intelligent Monitoring and Control Systems will guarantee that energy is only consumed when required.

Energy Mangement Systems
Today’s businesses use dozens… hundreds… even thousands of electrically-powered items without even
thinking. Lighting, air-conditioning, escalators, production facilities, conveyors & refrigeration to name just a few.
Normally, you can’t see, evaluate or compare the energy consumed by the equipment you use.
There’s one monthly – or even quarterly – bill for everything, so any changes you
make are based upon guesswork.
Energy management systems are real time and offer fully customisable Energy Dashboards to see all the information you need in a language
you understand – whether that’s kW consumption, peak demand, carbon output or money spent – right now, and as an analysis graph of the last few hours, days or weeks.
Instantly, you can spot trends, anomalies and wastage, make informed decisions… and see immediate results from improvements you’ve made.
Energy management system are a modular type product offering to suit any budget or site requirement.

Voltage Optimisation Systems
Voltage optimisation devices installed in series with the incoming supply can reduce the voltage down to optimal levels for equipment operation. The ability to adjust the incoming voltage allows for a reduction in harmonics and transient voltage spikes to ensure a stable and reliable power supply to plant and equipment.